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This section serves as an overview for all projects completed at Cloudbreak. Read up on the inspiration and progress of your favorite Cloudbreak apps as they have evolved since their inception and initial launch.

WODBrain ver 4.0

Released October 29, 2021

In 2018, I was introduced to CrossFit. With no background in olympic lifting or exercising with a barbell, I was always scratching my head when a coach would say "pick a weight you can do X reps of unbroken when fresh". I was sure this was sound advice, but how the heck I was supposed to figure that out was another story!

The key feature launched in ver 1.0 of the WODBrain app is WODWeight. Using your one-rep-max and the target number of unbroken repetitions for your WOD, WODBrain will dial in exactly what weight you can handle. The recommendation engine will give you the maximum weight recommended for your rep scheme.

Version 2.0 added a 1RM Equivalent calculator. This feature is another simple calculator similar to WODWeight, but in reverse. With 1RME, your input is your weight and reps performed, and the WODBrain response will tell you what weight would have been equivalent if your lift were a one-rep-max.

Version 3.0 added a Target Weight calculator. This feature provides you with milestone weight lifting targets specific to your sex, body weight, age, and experience level.

Version 4.0 added enhanced functionality across the board. Implemented user profiles including the ability to log lifts, view all logged lifts, and quickly and easily view 1RME for all movements.

Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, PostgreSQL

Stonington Athletics ver 2.0

Launched October 20, 2021

Much needed website upgrade for a local CrossFit Gym. The first version of their website was developed using WordPress in 2013. This website redesign is built on Bootstrap framework and is scalable for all screen sizes. We've minimized the clunky WordPress site and menu down to three fast loading, intuitive, and easy to search pages.



This section serves as an overview for features and/or products that are planned or in development.

Features are tracked via tags at the bottom of each card: Not Started » Backlog » In Development



Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting will be developed based on each lifter profile. Charts showing progress over time as well as movement comparison will be implemented. The movement comparison chart will be able to help identify specific barbell movements that may be over or under-developed. It will be a great tool for making sure you are maintaining a constantly varied program.


Charlie Nolan


Engineer by schooling. Project Manager by profession. Constant learner. Dedicated to continuous improvement.

Cloudbreak was formed as a side project in late 2019 as an outlet for my interest in coding. Currently a one man operation working in my spare time, please be patient! Feel free to reach out with feedback, feature requests, or just a chat in general. Please also follow and promote on social media if you're enjoying anything I've created.